Meet Our Elite Group Georgia Realtors 

 They are ready to assist you with all your Real Estate Needs.

Elite Group Georgia was formed in 2015 by 3 Top Selling Agents in North West Georgia that just happen to be Husband, Wife and Daughter. Our company is young but our desire to provide Elite customer service, local knowledge and a great experience for our clients is our top priority.

Picking the right agent and company to represent you and your family is a very important part of a successful transaction when you are looking to buy or sell real estate. The right agent will net you more money while selling and/or negotiate you a better deal while buying.

If you are looking for an Elite agent to represent you with the facts, truth, integrity and provide you with honest feedback so that you can make a good decision for you and your family then our Elite agents should be your choice.

If you are looking for the agent that has valuable experience in negotiating contracts, working with attorney’s, lenders, appraisers, inspectors and knows how to protect and look out for your best interest then an Elite agent is the better choice.

If you are looking for Heart, drive, compassion and resilience then look no further because Our Elite Agents meet these qualifications.

Our pledge to you: We will fully understand your goal. We will provide a plan to accomplish your goal. We will provide the tools/marketing necessary to meet your goal and we will hold ourselves accountable for the outcome.


Tony, Becky, Amber, Keith, Janice, Felicia, Steve, Mandi, Joedy, Valerie, Tammy, Luisa, Kim, Beth, Eric, Shandy, Miranda, Cendi, Jose and Jennifer. 


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